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Issues with how the Cookie Crumbles
2010-01-30 - 5:19 p.m.

I've got issues. Yes, me, QT. I should tell you that, for the most part, I'm pretty darn easy going. It takes a lot to make me angry and most who know me will attest to.

I also consider myself a pretty good judge of character. I am slow to call someone a friend (aquaintance yes, friend, no) until I have had time to observe them. Friendly yet guarded, that's me. If I meet someone on the internet, I am doubly cautious as I have been burned.

That being said, over the last few months I made friends with a woman I met on flickr. I went slow and gradually let my guard down slowly. Now I know that to some of you who have been burned on the internet will find the following to be trivial, minor, stupid, ridiculous, etc.... yeah, it's minor compared to somethings, but I hate it when someone..... well, I have to know I can trust my friends.

OK... I shared with the woman my intentions to make 2 certain cookie designs. I searched all over the internet and as far as I could see, the idea had never been done. In my excitement I shared the idea with my new friend. She said she thought it was a great idea.

Part 2: My Birthday was the 24th of this month. My new friend said she was making me some special cookies for my birthday designed just for me and told me to try and guess what they were. I told her I'd rather not guess.. that I was sure I'd love anything she did as long as it wasn't the two cookie designs I mentioned...ha..ha..

Yeah... you guessed it. She made those two cookies with the heading
"Happy Birthday QT" above them.

I'm not proud of it.... I'm embarassed to say it, but I was so freakin' pissed off that I burst into tears. I was furious! I still am a bit pissed off. Here's the thing.... everyone has left her such sweet comments and raved about how beautiful and original they are, blah, blah, blah... she must be so thrilled with these... what a wonderful friend you are... yada, yada, yada......

I knew everyone would be expecting me to leave some kind of comment as they all knew these were supposedly for me (let me add here that she doesn't have my address so there's was no way she ever intended to send them to me... they were for HER... her to get the praise... her to hear what a wonderful..)

I thought and I thought... I finally came up with, "WOW! I had no idea when I told you I was planning on making a .... cookie and a ..... cookie, that you would take the idea and run with it. Thank you for the "Happy Birthday QT" cookie. (there was a cookie below the others that said this).

Soooo...... I'm still stewing over this. I haven't heard anything from her... the damage is done and people are still raving over her "creativity" and "uniqueness" for making these and I'm still having trouble getting over the anger. I hate, hate, hate feeling this way.

Enough ranting. I know they're just cookies.


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