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Thank you all
2010-01-30 - 5:20 p.m.

Regarding yesterday's entry, I was starting to feel like maybe I was just being a total Bitch and a drama queen about the whole thing, but your sweet comments made me feel much better. It's so wonderful to have TRUE friends.

Beanie: "They are maybe just cookies, but they were your design. What a creep.".... thank you. I pride myself on my originality and when she did this, I feel like she stole something from you. You SO get me! haaaa.

Miss Hiss: "Gah, stories like this make me mad. I HATE derivative people, and I HATE people who don't give credit where it's due. What a sad little person she must be. A cautionary tale here for you, Miss Cutester, is never to reveal, or even hint at, an idea until it's been carried out. By YOU. Always save yourself for the front page!".... Exactly! A lesson I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. I guess I expected my "flickr friend" to be like my "diaryland friends".... so not so! thank you for your kind supportive words.

Cat: "Creative ideas are precious and when they are stolen, especially by someone you trusted, it's more than a valid reason to feel betrayed and upset. I hope you don't stop what you're doing. It's a gift and she will always know who's better.".... See, you get so get me too. Thank you so much, that means a lot.

terri: "I don't blame you for being upset...that was so wrong. But I bet when you make your cookies that they will be better than hers...and I think your comment was just right....put her in her place..... Thanks Terri. I worry about how that comment makes me look as there are some very kind supportive people on flickr. I'd hate for it to turn into a "taking sides" kinda thing. And, at the risk of tooting my own horn, yes, I have no doubt mine would be better as I work very hard on anything I do, but no, I won't be doing them now... or if I do, I won't post them on flickr as I refuse to look like I'm copying or even being inspired by her cookies. I just can't do it.

In time, I will be inspired by something else, hopefully as fantastic as these would have been. But you can bet your butt I'll keep my mouth shut this time damn it! haaaaaa.


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